"...I have a tendency of putting risers on road bikes and drop bars on mountain bikes…"


Péter Vági

Who is Péter?

Hi! I’m Péter, 25 years old and I’m from Hungary. I’m an engineering manager by trade, but currently I’m working in the finance sector. And needless to say I’m addicted to bikes. Cheap-ish, but reliable, good old CrMo bikes – 90s retro MTBs and trekking bikes mostly.

What is your first bike related memory?

I was about 6-7 years old when I learned how to ride a bike. Both my parents are huge riders (my dad was commuting bike bike since before I was born, and he still does, every workday, be it rain or snow). They both ride an awful lot more than I do, which is just great for them, but not that good for me haha.

How would you define your relationship with bikes and how is it part of your everyday life?

I love bikes. I love riding them, watching them, documenting them, setting them up, tinkering with every little detail until it hits my point of perfection – which usually doesn’t mean objectively perfect… Since I moved to the capital I’m not commuting via bikes, but I intend on changing that ASAP.

How often do you ride?

To be dead honest I’m not the greatest rider in history. Nowadays I don’t ride enough compared to 8-9 years ago, but in the past months I improved this lot, and I intend to keep this tendency going.

Is there a specific track you ride which never bores you?

None of them ever seem to bore me to be honest! When I was younger I could take the same 30-40-50 km paths 6 days a week. Nowadays I’m more into discovering new adventures though.

Have you ever travelled far from home with your bike?

Well, that depends on how far is far! My longest single ride was a bit above 100 km, and I never really got into bikepacking, but once again, when summer hits I’m up to anything basically.

What is in the kit you always carry with you? Or tell us if there is a particular object you always carry with you.

That depends on the type of ride, but the usual boring stuff: multi-tool, patch kit, emergency flat fixing spray (no idea what is it called really), water and snacks. And hand sanitizer!

Tell us about the most intense emotion you have felt whilst riding.

I competed in a time trial when I was 15 years old. I am an extremely competitive person, and I gave in everything, and managed to get a 2nd place (I was totally annihilated by the first guy though, he won by 5 minutes lol). So that, there, was pretty darn intense, a real thrill. I should’ve participated more events like this to be honest when I still had some stamina within me haha.

What was your first bike like?

I had various kids bikes, but my first ”real” one was a Hi-Ten, low-end beater of a mountain bike. It weighed at least 15 kilos, had the poorest shifting performance I’ve ever seen, but I had still ridden the hell out of it. 

Of all the bikes you have or have had, is there one you love most?

It’s hard to tell really, there are favourites that I really love, then I end up selling them anyways to fund new projects. Probably my favourite right now is my 1993 Marin Redwood which I’ve converted to a drop bar gravel thingy. It’s really light and agile, and the shifting is so nice and crisp, I can’t even believe it sometimes. All that comes from what is essentially a 27 years old city bike…

What is the best thing this passion has taught you?

I’m a living catalogue of early 90s MTB parts! Sort of. But to be more serious, it taught me how and when to use all kinds of different tools. I’ve became quite the handyman since. I love fixing up stuff.

What are your other passtimes or hobbies?

Once again, I’m an extremely competitive person, which made me an avid FPS player, and I have quite the career behind me. Nowadays I don’t have the time to play that much though. 

On the other hand I cannot live without music, I’m usually going to at least one gig every week or so, but of course with the current situation it’s just not possible. 

What genre of music do you prefer, who is your favourite singer/band?

This changes with my age sooo much, although I have have some of all-time favourites. I’m mostly into heavier music, nowadays I’m very much into psychedelic/stoner/doom metal, but I love our local hardcore punk scene a ton. My favourite bands right now are probably Elder and Somali Yacht Club (Elder – Sanctuary, SYC – Vero).

Is there a book or film that you consider important for your life?

Basically all Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie films are among my favourites. Book-wise I’d say The Lord of the Rings trilogy and various H. P. Lovecraft novels are the ones I fancy most.

Wine or beer?

I love both, but very hoppy, bitter IPAs beat everything in my book.

Hamburger or pizza?

Pizza, the one I make!

Riser or dropbar?

I have a tendency of putting risers on road bikes and drop bars on mountain bikes… 

What are the threads/forums/sites and social profiles (Instagram) that you follow with most interest?

LFGSS mostly, and I follow a lot of people/pages on IG. My greatest inspiration is definitely @stridsland_journal (but of course is closely behind him!!!)

Do you have new builds/projects or journeys planned? If yes tell us about them, so we can continue to follow you waiting to see you realize them.

I always have something new in my mind. Right now I’m thinking about turning my 1×9 Corratec commuter into a single-speed-single-track-deathtrap.

We chose to inverview you because we believe that you are ispiring for our readers, if you could give them advice what would it be?

Stay safe, tinker a lot, and don’t buy dodgy low-end stuff that might compromise your physical and mental well being! And don’t let this whole quarantine situation let you down, try and seek for new adventures and opportunities!