"...Imagine, find out and possibly reconstruct through anecdotes and testimonies, the story behind the bike..."


Marco Marziali

Who is Marco?

Marco Marziali IG:marziadelic, Class of ’81 born and live in Riccione, I work as a technician in a multiservice company. Heart and mind of the CICLI MARCI RESTAURATI brand. Cicli Marci Restaurati is brand which has intentionally not taken off for commercial gains, born from the passion for bikes and the culture that surrounds it.  Nurtured by books, travel experiences, anecdotes and shared opinions. Through its work and collaborations Cicli Marci Restaurati tries to keep the value of artisanal attention and things made with style alive. 

What is your first bike related memory?

Unforgettable memory… My mother’s shouts because I was whining, in front of the house’s garage at the age of 5, after her shouts I started pedalling by myself, without stabilizers and without anyone holding me from behind.

How would you define your relationship with bikes and how is it part of your everyday life?

It really is a lifestyle with many aspects to it. 

How often do you ride?

Not as much as I would like due to my work, however I ride a lot in my spare time.

Is there a specific track you ride which never bores you?

Sure, it is the track which in our area is called “La Panoramica” (the panoramic) I like cycling it from Pesaro to Gabicce, looking out at the Adriatic sea at some points. 

Have you ever travelled far from home with your bike?

I have done a few trips, they are becoming my new way to travel, every year I plan a new trip. For now the best was crossing the Dolimite Arch starting from Verona. 

What is in the kit you always carry with you? Or tell us if there is a particular object you always carry with you.

Always only what is strictly necessary, whether it is a single outing or a multi day journey, I carry what I believe is needed for the type of track. I always have my phone, a stick of honey and some money for a coffee are always in my pocket case.

Tell us about the most intense emotion you have felt whilst riding.

It was the day of the Sellaronda, one of the rare free events, which gathers enthusiasts on the last Saturday in June to ride the “Four Dolomite Passes” , that day I chose to cycle it by putting it in the centre of my journey which would take me from Ortisei to Cortina, I actually rode 8 passes, with a travel bike and two 10kg bags. I did it with marvel in my eyes thanks to the views I had never seen and for the carefreeness which made feel anything but exertion.  

What was your first bike like?

My first bike was a bright yellow BMX!

Of all the bikes you have or have had, is there one you love most?

Being a collector of vintage bikes, there are several, each one I decided to keep has a special meaning.

What is the best thing this passion has taught you?

There are two particular things that fascinate me. Imagine, find out and possibly reconstruct through anecdotes and testimonies, the story behind the bike I decide to restore. Who rode it, what they did with it, who built it and as often happens when collecting vintage bikes, I find out what vintage techniques were used. 

Another really interesting point is connected to the sporting activity on the bike, more precisely the sense of fatigue, the “healthy” kind which makes me feel good, despite the effort, which makes me keep pedalling. 

What are your other passtimes or hobbies?

Food and cooking without a doubt.

What genre of music do you prefer, who is your favourite singer/band?

I could answer this question in many different ways or in no way at all. I have always listened to lots and lots of music. As with bikes I have classic tastes connected to history and authenticity. 

I don’t ever listen to music when I cycle. I don’t think I can say to have ever done it. I don’t do it when exercising in general. I like hearing myself and hear what is around me, especially if I am in nature. 

Is there a book or film that you consider important for your life?

I don’t usually have things that change my life; “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakimi, is a book I particularly enjoyed. Regarding films I would answer like I answered in question 13, whilst being less passionate about films than music, however if I had to choose one I would say Armarcord by Federico Fellini. 

Wine or beer?

Both, it depends on who and what with. 

Hamburger or pizza?

No contest, pizza all the way!

Riser or dropbar?


What are the threads/forums/sites and social profiles (Instagram) that you follow with most interest?

I have always been very curious, so everything inspires me, although I have always had a particular view on the past and what history did, I very rarely get distracted by trends…. it may be a limit, but I am always waiting for the new trends to stick and become something definite. I admire the guys at Kory York, not only because they are friends of mine but because discussing things with them is always interesting and we have created an important idea exchange, they stimulate the innovative part in me that I rarely immerge myself in, I think they can learn my passion and my points of view from me. 

Do you have new builds/projects or journeys planned? If yes tell us about them, so we can continue to follow you waiting to see you realize them.

With the CICLI MARCI RESTAURATI project, there always things going on, whether they are restorations, builds for a client, clothing to design or a trip to organise….there are no limits. 

We chose to inverview you because we believe that you are ispiring for our readers, if you could give them advice what would it be?

Whoever has something interesting to say, I think that the Save The Rat Bike project for how I see it, is the epitome of “bike culture”, without limits, genres or constraints.