Tony Bay

Im Tony Bay from Finland. I was raised in Kotka, Karhuvuori. That environment taught me how to survive. My mom raised me and two brothers alone so there was not a lot of money involved. If you wanted something in early 90’s Karhuvuori you had to do-it-yourself or steal it. I choose to do it myself. We build and paint bikes and ride. At the skill level of a child who did not have a father, or anyone else, to teach how to fix shit. Many times when skill level reaches its limit, pure strength and violence was the answer. And then you just had more shit to fix. I had bikes in my life from 5 years old to 13 years. Then I lost the connection to the universum. I was lost in the darkness of life. 

One night I was in this very famous pit in Kotka. Which is said to be a crater of a UFO. I had these strange energy levels there and also me and my friend Liekkipipo saw some light flying in the sky. It was nothing that I recognized to be human made. Next morning I woke up and decided to stop smoking, start to go to the gym, get a job, commute by bike, stop eating animals, respect genders, join antifa, stop drinking alcohol and all that jazz that normal people do. And on that road I have been cycling for 13 years now. 

I have built a career up to be the closest thing to a mayor without education you can get. I’m currently a leading media person in Finland mtb-scene. Only two things are greater than bikes in my life: wieners and water tap (Oras).


One late night at an online marketplace I found an interesting item. Old 90s MTB. It was left unused by the previous owner because of some accident. I had only one picture but the price was so cheap that I took the risk and bought it. When I got the bike, it was barely used! I drove with it for a while, but with the original setup it felt somehow odd. There just was not any connection between us. But luckily my friend Matias Liekkipipo wanted to buy it. So I sold it to him. 

Liekkipipo made some changes to it and drove happily with it for years or something. One day I borrowed a GT to take part in an alley cat race. AND IT WAS LOVE! Liekkipipo did not want to sell the bike back then. I took maybe one year of waiting when I got a message from Liekkipipo that he could sell the bike frame back to me. So NBD for me. 

First I built the bike to be a proper mtb-shredding machine. I ride it hard on trails. It taught me the skill set to survive in the forest. And I have been in the army (army sucks). It survived from two mtb-camp events. 

After some time I decided to put it to retirement from mountain biking. Then it has served the purpose of city runner, commuter, monstercross, touring, etc. it is the true all terrain bike ever. 

I have the fork rack mounting points and the stem made in local hand builder pros at Murhakontti. The fork paint job is my doings. Brakes may be one of the best parts this bike has. The Magura HS33 is so sweet. And how they work even with the drop bar is amazing. No adapters needed. I’m using the Genetic Digest handlebar. Microshifter and XTR rear derailleur are match made in heaven. I used to have the ZEE and I did not have any problems with it. But, this is a process that never comes ready. 

I’m currently more focused on mountain biking with another bike. But almost everything else I do with GT. Now in Corona time I don’t ride daily. But regularly I go to the long gravel trips to work etc. daily.

It is my intergalactic battle destroyer ship for the fight against racism, facism, homophobia, cars, meat and all that unhappiness that there is. 

Stay safe. Go vegan. Ride like MTB666. 



MAY 2020